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An Open Letter to All Visitors.

Melbourne Swingers is committed to providing venues that excel in all forms, from safe & clean environments, secure lockers, hot showers, unlimited fresh towels, fun equipment to play on & most of all well trained pleasant staff.

It is disappointing that visitors should feel threatened & their nights are spoilt & then they don’t want to return because of a few mindless people.

We have invested a substantial amount of money to provide & improve our facilities for the benefit of everyone to enjoy, I WILL NOT LET A MINORITY OF INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE STUFF THESE NIGHTS UP.

For those of you that feel you are above abiding by our rules then we are putting you on notice.

We don’t care if you think you are above abiding by our Code of Conduct or our Conditions of Entry & if you feel it is your right to try & control other people then you are mistaken.

We don’t care if your race or religion is such that it accepts you mistreating others because when you enter any of our venues we are all equal, we respect each other, if you don’t agree then don’t enter.

We don’t care if you feel your entry fee should guarantee sex, why, simply because we are not a brothel, we are a meeting place where likeminded adults can meet for the purposes of consensual sex. If you want guaranteed sex then go to a brothel.

If you wonder why some people seem to get luckier than yourself, then take a good look at yourself, perhaps the other patrons are offended by your body odour, or by the fact that you don’t understand personal hygiene or how to groom, trust me it DOES make a difference.

For guys that arrive in numbers then move around the venue with a pack mentality, this is unacceptable & will not be tolerated, the idea behind our venues is to socialize in the downstairs & wet areas, where social contacts are made & everyone gets to know everyone.

For guys that have the belief that they are an Adonis & that all the woman should be begging them for sex, trust me again on this, YOU’RE NOT.

Our staff are there to look after your needs, they’re not there to be running around breaking up fights or sorting out issues of guys looking over doors or blocking hallways.

If you feel the above behaviour is acceptable then stay home.

Prior to entering any of our venues please take the time to read both our Code of Conduct & Conditions of Entry because if you do not abide by these simple rules & regulations then you will be told to leave & barred from entering in the future.

All our venues are well covered by CCTV Security, as much as we will protect your right to privacy, in the event that you break the law then the footage may be passed onto the authorities.


Conditions of Entry

Code of Conduct